What is it like to be in a retreat with Spiritual Teacher Elio Marin?

Buckets load of spiritual energy transmissions and much much more.

  • Kundalini Sessions

    Kundalini Sessions are individual awakening sessions tailored to the groups needs, in them we connect with source.

  • Healing Sessions

    In a healing Session anything can happen, we generally focus on specific problems of the body and mind.

  • Spiritual Talks

    Exclusive and never before heard spiritual talks delivered by Elio where you will get to hear the latest teachings.


What will I Experience?

The most important aspect of this retreat is that you will have the opportunity to experience the full force of the energy of awakening that is available to Elio. You too can become an awakening vessel bringing light and wisdom to this world. Retreat time with Elio offers the one in a lifetime opportunity to wake up fully to who you really are.

fade-leftfade-rightWhat can I expect to experience with this energy?

  • Opening of the energy centers

    You can experience the full opening of your chakras.

  • Find your purpose

    Find your spiritual and life purpose as you open up to source.

  • Awaken Kundalini

    Kundalini is an energy that is coiled in your spine, you can break the knots free with Elio´s grace.

  • Connect with Love

    Real and true love comes from God/Source, it can accessed by opening your heart center.

  • Release stress and trauma

    You can expect to unwind and find your eternal abode within the full relaxation of your soul.

  • Connect with bliss.

    Bliss is your true nature, it is an intrinsic part of who you really are. The energy is infused with bliss.

  • Connect with happiness.

    Happiness is your birthright, Unhappiness is the soul´s cry for a comeback to harmony.

  • Connect with peace.

    Peace is an integral part of the enlighten state, opening up to it is possible on this retreat.

Questions and Answers.

  • q-iconWhere does the retreat take place?

    The retreat will take place near the beautiful city of Santa Marta, COlombia, at the Gitana del Mar boutique beach resort.

  • q-iconWhen will the retreat take place?

    We have retreats at least once a year, please check on the homepage for the details of the next available retreat.

  • q-iconHow much does the retreat cost?

    Currently the cost for attending is $1499 per person. Please send us email for information on how to pay and when.

  • q-iconIs Santa Marta safe?

    Yes. Santa Marta is a safe place to visit. It is an international tourist city that receives tourists from all over the world.

  • q-iconHow fast can I expect to see results on the retreat?

    Although spiritual awakening generally takes many years to complete, the opportunity that s available is to speed up that process 1000%.

  • q-iconIs this energy transmission the same as shaktipat?

    Yes. Although Elio does not call it shaktipat this is in fact what it is. Shaktipat is just an indian word that describes a process.



Elio has a unique gift, the retreat is a great opportunity to connect with that gift. The energy is very palpable, the food is really good and setting is superb since it is near the beach. I highly recommend you attending the retreat.

- Eve
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