About Me


The Early Years

I was born in Venezuela, a country in South America struck by poverty and corruption. Even though I was surrounded by poverty my family was well settled and we had money. My first real challenge began in high school where I felt disconnected from my friends, life and even family. I remember feeling empty inside every time I would go out for a drink, to the movies or to parties. This empty feeling grew stronger as the years went by and eventually turned into sadness, depression and unhappiness. My life was struck with anxiety, stress and a general feeling of disgust and aversion towards life, I was bitter, and felt alone. One day I decided I had had enough and began to seek out answers in books, meditation courses and retreats and even traveled the world to meet well known spiritual teachers.


Suddenly everything changed.

At age 19, after I had sought for answers for about a year, I was speaking over the phone one day and felt a movement inside my head like nothing I had felt before. It was an energy, suddenly this energy pierced through my head and completely enveloped my entire being as this white light that was pulsating with peace and an intense bliss like I had never felt before. My mind stopped completely, the usual chit chat and excess thinking disappeared. I felt free. This freedom and peace grew in intensity as the years went by, sometimes it would disappear completely and then come back again. Today however the energy has become a permanent aspect of myself, like my big toe. The energy has expanded my Consciousness to the point where the experience of a subject and object, individual self and world, has completely disappeared. I now see the world as an infinite expanded ocean of energetic awareness.


The Truth

I had experienced truth in it´s ultimate form, and right now this truth is ever present, always unfolding. In the infinite source of who we really are everything happens with ease and for a purpose. I live always in contentment knowing that this energy has brought me the peace, fulfillment and happiness I craved for when I was growing up. In my own life I now have the power to manifest my desires fully with ease. This is what this energy can do for you. I live in a constant state of gratitude towards life and the world. I also found the love of my life along the way and now live with my wife and family. I wish nothing less for you.