Change your energy, heal your life.

Transform your life by changing your energetic frequency.

When you raise your energetic vibration you automatically connect with transformation.

Who are you and what is the source of your experience?

Living and breathing Consciousness

Creating a world of peace begins with bringing peace in your own life. To truly discover the truth of your existence you need to connect with an energy to raise your vibration allowing your life to be filled with unconditional love, peace, joy and bliss. When you change your energy, you change your life.

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Who is Elio? And what does he do?

Self Realized Spiritual Guide.

Born in Venezuela, Elio is a self realized spiritual Guide who has the ability to help others move past their sorrow, sadness and purposelessness by allowing them to connect with an energy which can transform lives bringing clarity and inner peace. Elio sought inner peace in his own life for many years since he was just a teenager. After meeting an enlighten spiritual teacher his life was never the same. A process of inner transformation took place during which he was able to connect with his true self. After having received energy transmissions from 5 different enlighten teachers around the world for more than 15 years he was able to become self realized in this lifetime and now spends his time helping others heal their lives.

One to One sessions.

And how to transform your life forever.

Elio has a very deep understanding of life after having woken up to his true spiritual self. What he shares is his wisdom and experience in the spiritual path to better serve your own spiritual awakening. The energy he transmits can heal and reconnect other people with their souls. In these one to one sessions or Skype sessions as Elio calls them, a very profound spiritual healing and guidance takes place. You will have the rare opportunity to connect with inner light, love, bliss and joy which are aspects of your real and true self.

Skype Sessions

Spiritual Mentoring with Elio is done trhough Skype. You can take just one session or make arrangements to take more. If you are interested send Elio an email and he will contact you right away. Each session is 60$ per hour.