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Hi, Im Elio Marin. I am intuitive spiritual teacher and healer that has the ability to catalyze deep transformations on other people through a spiritual force or energy that is available on all my online courses, live teachings events, coaching programs and retreats.

What do I offer

Live and Online Events

Online Courses

Convenient, self paced online courses delivered through the internet.
  • With Email Support
  • For Energetic breakthroughs


1 on 1 coaching online for maximum energetic expansion.
  • Different Programs available
  • Free Consultation


Live Retreats in Colombia with all the support you would ever need.
  • Best option for best results
  • 6 Day Retreats on the beach

My Story

I am a spiritual teacher, healer and kundalini coach that has the ability to transform people´s lives by changing their energy. I woke up to a spiritual force at the age of 19 in the midst of an intense quest where I had set out to heal my unhappiness, depression, sorrow and purposelessness. What happened is that I woke up to who I really am which is an immense ocean of energetic expansion that just never ends. As a result I now manifest abundance, happiness and freedom on a daily basis. This expansion can be yours too. I welcome your eventual awakening.



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6 Day Kundalini, Healing and Enlightenment Retreat 11 November Monday @ 8:00 am 6 Day Kundalini, Healing and Enlightenment Retreat Santa Marta, Colombia details

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